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Are Appointments Required for trying on Bridal Gowns?

At Shades of White we offer appointments 6 days a week and strongly recommend that you make one when possible to avoid any waits or disappointment.  We have 8 large dressing rooms and save one or two for those unable to make an appointment; so while there is occasionally a short wait for a walk-in, we do our best to accommodate unscheduled visitors.
We feel all of our clients should receive the attention they deserve so we do our very best to pair each client with their own Dressing Room & Associate and appreciate your patience if assigned to a wait-list so we can ensure this experience.  To make an appointment, please call us at 250.475.1220 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

What is the average price of a Bridal Gown at Shades of White?

We carry a large range of prices to accommodate most budgets from the robust to the most petite.  Our Special Order Bridal Gown price points can range from $229-$3000 and our Special Order Bridesmaid dress price point range from $149-$369.  We carry an ample selection of gowns suitable for a bride or other special occasions with more of an unadorned taste in mind that can fall into a $200-$600 range as well.  Please feel free to view our ever-revolving selection of discounted sample gowns from all categories for significant savings.

How far in advance do I need to order my wedding gown?

It takes approximately 5-6 months to Special Order a Bridal Gown.  We suggest ordering your gown 7 months from your wedding date to ensure you have a comfortable timeline, avoid rush charges from the manufacturer and provide the time needed to accommodate alterations.  We carry a smaller, yet beautiful selection of gowns that are available for off-rack sales to those with very short timelines; however, encourage you to not limit yourself by waiting.

What sizes do you carry?

Special Order gowns are available in an array of sizes, most of which can be ordered in 0-28.  Bridal sizing is likely to be different from what you're used to with your ready-to-wear clothing, and you will find that you may need to go up one or two sizes for Bridal size charts.
Our sample gowns are stocked in sizes 4-24 with a large selection of our gowns being 8, 10, 12 & 14.  We have over 4 dozen sample gowns in sizes 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 & 26.  Our goal is to have something for every Bride to dress herself in and feel special while she experiences the joy of shopping for her perfect gown.  We use clips, ties, and modesty panels when fitting our brides in sample gowns so you have the best idea of what your gown will look like in the right size once it's been altered.

Can my Attendants find a dress at Shades of White?

Absolutely.  We carry a very large selection of Bridesmaids dresses, Junior & Flower Girl dresses as well as attire suitable for the most modern or traditional Mother of the Bride or Groom!  We encourage you to Special Order these items so that you can customize your colour palette with anywhere from 20-60 colours and shades to choose from; however, we also make many of these selections available for off-rack sales as well.
When you buy your gown at Shades of White, your attendants will receive a discount on the purchase of their dresses!  Not a Shades of White bride?  We offer discounts to Bridal Parties of 4 or more :)

When should we order their dresses?

We suggest ordering bridesmaids dresses no less than 5 months prior to your wedding date to avoid rush surcharges from the manufacturer.  Some designers' ship dates will differ from others, so please see us when you've decided on which dresses you would like to go with for more accurate timelines!

Can I buy these items online?

While you may see sites online offering what seem to be the same dresses as us and other reputable gown shops, we would not encourage you to risk ordering this way.  In some of these cases, the shipping & handling and other hidden charges make the entire cost higher than what you would pay in a professional salon.  In all other cases, you are not receiving the same product - it is either a copyright or a similar style of less quality.  Most of our designers have outlined on their websites that they do not offer their lines through online purchases anywhere in anyway so we encourage you to cross reference the information with the designer's website before you purchase to avoid disappointment.  To ensure you're dealing with an Authorized Retailer, the business name can be located in the designer's website in the store locater section.
As well, only authorized retailers are able to place Special Orders from the designer so if you are dealing with someone who is not listed on the website, then they are not an Authorized representative of the designer therefore cannot place a special order for the product.
Purchasing from an authorized retailer gives you the quality guarantee, customer service, accountability, measurements taken by a professional, access to the manufacturer, proper storage and care as well as direct access to reputable Seamstresses.

How will my gown fit when it arrives?

When we Special Order a dress we've taken your measurements and compared them with size charts provided to us by the designers.  Together we will align your measurements with the measurements of the gown to order the most appropriate size.  Our goal is to order the gown with the best possible fit based on your measurements and the style of the gown; however, most brides & bridesmaids do need some alterations in order to customize the fit to their bodies.  It is important to expect this so that you can understand that the perfect custom fit is acquired with the assistance of a quality Bridal seamstress.

How much do Alterations cost?

As an industry standard, Alterations are always above & beyond the cost of the dress and can range on average from $50-$500 depending on the gown and what you'd like done with it.  We offer Seamstress appointments in-house with very pleasent, talented and experienced Seamstresses.  The seamstresses that we work with are not hired by us; rather, operate as independent businesses with whom we've created strong relationships for the convenience of our clients.  You are certainly welcome to choose who alters your gown once it's yours - ours come highly recommended by us as well as a substantial list of pleased, repeat clients in our community.  It is recommended that you choose a Seamstress who has experience with Bridal alterations to obtain the quality you desire and you're always welcome to a free consultation.

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